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It's useful when you want to label something while you create an image and can't keep the labels where you want them. When it's time to use the image, you can just add the box to the desired image and you're ready to go. Top Downloads When you click on the box it is not highlighted and can't be moved or deleted. This is what makes it different than a normal window. It's interesting to see what people download. The download-center uses cookies, i. By continuing to surf or clicking any element of this webpage you agree to the use of cookies. These are among the most commonly used box shapes. The other shapes available on your download-center are:. The original download-center software was written by Mike Gualtieri for use on Macintoshes. The final version of the software was written by Cameron Mihm and released to the public for free. Anybody can download the software and use it as they see fit. Mike Gualtieri made a few modifications to this program. He simplified the process of adding multiple boxes and images. He also added the ability to print the labels and print the boxes on a color printer. He also increased the number of colors available for box labels and added the ability to add multiple images to the same label. One of the most requested features by users of this software is the ability to resize the boxes. Download-center can resize any box to a width or height that you want. To resize the box, click on the border and drag the box to the desired size. The box will resize to fit the desired size. The small box in the bottom right corner indicates the desired size of the box. You can also resize individual box corners. Download-center will only resize the box corners when resizing a box. To resize the box corners, click on a corner and drag the box to the desired size. The box will resize to fit the desired size. Although the software is extremely useful, it is not perfect. It is missing some features that other programs have. For example, it is not possible to add an image or a box to a selected box. To create a new box with an image, click on a box and use the "Add Box" button. Use the "+" sign to add a new box with an image to the selected box. This feature is not available in other programs. The software also does not




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Macdrive 9 Serial Number Textureinstmanks

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