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Welcome to Timeless Treasure

About 15 years ago, I started writing devotions. My original purpose in writing (other than glorifying God), was to leave something behind for my grandchildren. The little I knew about my own parents’ past made me curious about my grandparents. As I got older, I had the desire to know who they were and this led me to think about what I could give or “leave behind” for my grandchildren. Also, life events seem to get you thinking about your own mortality.

Here’s a few of my life events that led me to writing:

1. I became an empty-nester

2. My son got married and started his own family

3. My father’s passing was very hard.

4. Several of my friends (same age as me) have died from cancer. I think about them often.

5. A woman from my church died in a car accident, leaving behind her husband and three children. This is an event that made me think about how we take life for granted. We don’t know when it’s “our time.” It could be today.

Our time…what are we going to do with our time here on earth? This reminds me of The Dash, a poem by Linda Ellis. The dash is the little line between your birth date and death date on your tombstone. That little line represents all your time here on earth and how you spent it; how you lived and loved. The people at your funeral will be the ones who know what that line is worth. In my humanness, I wonder what people will say about me at my funeral. But, as a Christian, what’s really important, is what will GOD say about me? Did I serve Him well?

I’ve titled this blog, Timeless Treasure. There are not too many things in life (on earth) that are timeless and a true treasure. Two thoughts come to mind when I think of the words “timeless treasure”: God’s Word and God’s love. That’s what I want to share on this blog. The gift I have to give is my memories and lessons learned … hopefully (some I will have to learn over again.) I can’t think of anything else I have to leave behind, other than a well-lived “dash.” So, before my grandchildren, family, friends or anyone else who reads this blog, this is my prayer:

Lord, help me to live with Your love in my heart; help me to shine Your light. I know I mess up often, but I’m so open to learning, growing and having a closer relationship with You. That’s what my writing does for me; it helps me grow closer to You. My prayer for those that read my blog is that they will know You better and grow closer, too. I pray that those who don’t have a relationship with You will want to know You and accept the gift of your saving grace, through faith in Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord, for the timeless treasure of your Word and Your unending love for us. Amen

Our legacy is our memories and lessons learned passed down to the next generation.

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