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Be a Sunbeam for Jesus

Through our church, a group of us went on a missionary trip to a Navajo Reservation in Arizona (Project Yes-Youth Equipped to Serve). Our project was to build a ramp for a paraplegic man so he could easily get into his mobile home. We worked from sunrise to sunset. In four days, we not only built him a ramp, but a deck, so he could sit outside and watch the sunset every evening.

The desert sky in Arizona is so big and blue. The clouds seem so close you feel as if you could reach out and grab one. What I remember the most, though, were the sunsets. After a hard day's work, rays of light or sunbeams would shine through the layers of clouds. It was so beautiful, that in that moment, you forgot about being sore, tired, and hungry. I remember thanking God for His wonderful gift and how it made the long day of work all worthwhile.

In the same way those sunbeams touched my life at that moment, we too, can touch someone's life who might be hurting, tired, or hungry. Maybe they're hurting from a recent loss or physical illness. They might be tired or stressed from everyday life and its hardships. Maybe, they're hungry for companionship, a touch, or a listening ear. Be a sunbeam for Jesus.

Ask God to give you an opportunity to be a sunbeam for someone. It might be something as simple as a hug for a neighbor or a smile for a stranger. Whatever the sunbeam is, you'll be sharing Jesus with them.

If you're the one needing a sunbeam to shine through your cloud, pray and ask God to send one your way and then watch what happens.

In the same way, let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

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